Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Skincare Review: History of Whoo In Yang Neck & Face Sleeping Repair

I love sleeping masks. It's a brilliant invention of the century to busy city girls who can hardly have time to sit back for facial treatments. I'm sure Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is not new to those of you who live in Asian cities (a holy grail item for long-haul flights. Talk more soon!). I still adore it, but I adore this History of Whoo In Yang Neck & Face Sleeping Repair almost just as much.

For those who are not familiar with using sleeping masks, it's supposed to be the last things you apply in your bedtime skincare regimen, so it can form a nourishing and/or hydrating layer that promotes and supplements the absorption of other skincare products when your skin is in its most relaxed state during sleep. And if you are new to this brand, it is one of the major competitors of Sulwhasoo, and therefore with products marked within a similar price range. As with all other products of History of Whoo, this Neck & Face Sleeping Repair is marketed as a secret imperial formula churned out of a combination of Korean medicinal ingredients that aims to enhance skin conditions and overcome skin problems by balancing the In and Yang in one's inner system. 

It is a nourishing cream formula that comes in a gorgeous container designed with a traditional Korean touch. The texture is simply beautiful and the fragrance is very soothing as a bedtime regimen. Though rich and full, I can feel that some of the cream is already absorbed by my skin as I gently massage it in. Overnight, it leaves my skin very soft and supple after the morning wash. In fact, I personally find it more effective than Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. The entire experience, from scooping the cream out of the beautiful jar to applying and massaging the cream into my skin, feels like a pampering treat that puts a perfect end to the day. 

One thing to note is that although the product claims to restore skin texture and rejuvenate problem skin, on nights that my skin is sensitive and unstable, I still think Water Sleeping Pack, or better still, Bioderma Hydrobio Mask (see previous review HERE) will be better bets. It just feels safer to use a simpler formula when you skin is frail. But I have to confess that my spots literally vanished the next morning on a few occasions after wearing this Sleeping Repair cream overnight. 

You may be a bit hesitant seeing the price tag, but the good new is, I need only a dime size for my cheeks, chin and mouth area. It seems to take forever to finish the entire jar! With its brilliant performance, to me, it's definitely worthwhile.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Makeup Review: Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme vs. Le Blanc Light Creator Whitening Compact Foundation SPF25/PA+++

I recently came across a comic strip from my friend's Whatsapp which illustrated how girls, or female in general, tend to spend loads of time to make sure we've packed into our luggages every little thing that's possibly needed in a trip. Although I do have girlfriends who are experts in packing up for their business trips within 30 minutes...What?!...and others who will only bother to literally chuck things into their luggages, I myself tend to fall into the stereotypical I-bring-everything category. I can remember how irritating it was when I forgot to bring my Clinique concealer (many years back) and the same item was not available in Melbourne at know, not everything from the same brand fits your skin, especially when it comes to undereye concealer...But this years-long mentality of mine is recently proved invalid ;)

I was waiting for my flight to Ireland for a conference when flashback images of my Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme (see previous review HERE) lying on my desk suddenly crossed my mind. I fished into my handbag. Not there. I dashed to the Chanel counter in Duty Free Shop, but my #20 Beige was sold out...Oh NO!!! I looked and looked and looked at the rest of the compacts. Should I get another Mat Lumiere Extreme or should I try something new? I ended up grabbing their Le Blanc Light Creator Whitening Compact Foundation, which was the only existing Chanel compact foundation that I hadn't tried. Ah-ha! The experience turned out to be a blessing in disguise! In fact, I like it more than Mat Extreme. 

What I have been very happy about Mat Lumiere Extreme are its oil control effect and lasting power which can pretty much stay put all day with a teeny bit of oil blotting. In this regard, the Le Blanc Light Creator Whitening Compact fares just as well, at least on my skin. Adding to the good things of Mat Lumiere Extreme is its slightly lighter shade (it's still in #20 Beige), which puts my skin under a natural-looking spotlight. Although Chanel didn't emphasize its hydrating effect, I do find this more hydrating than Mat Lumiere Extreme, and it smells way more pleasant as well. On a personal note, Mat Lumiere Extreme missed a mark when it comes to its fragrance, which smells too strong for me. As for the lasting power of this Le Blanc compact, like Mat Lumiere Extreme, it melts a bit after a few hours into a healthy glow. That said, I don't have to worry about how I look even in our hot and humid summer days and on days that I've to wear my makeup from morning till 11ish at night. In terms of coverage, the compact is very buildable. It can conceal the redness of my hormonal acne and some mild blemishes brilliantly. 

Weather conditions, and therefore skin conditions, vary a lot in different countries and regions. If I were to carry along a foolproof foundation in my travel handbag, this will absolutely be the one before anything new and better appears in my beauty junkie life. ;)  

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