Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Makeup Review: Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble BB Cream

You're right! I almost bought the entire line of Innisfree Jejubija Anti-Trouble. The skincare items are great so far (see reviews HERE), but I've mixed comments when it comes to their BB Cream.

Featuring the powerful natural healing ingredient, torreya seed extracts from Jeju Island, it vouches to calm troubled skin, reduce redness and control and prevent blemishes.

The best thing about this BB Cream is that it gives a matte finish, which can last for quite a while. Not only is the finish matte, it also feels drier than all the other BB creams I've tried. Pretty good medium coverage. I have a hunch that it really helps treat my blemishes...well it smells antiseptic and believe it or not, I'm delighted with the fragrance as it says I'm healing!. My bumpy spots are smoothed out as the day goes by. =)

The color turns a bit ashy in the afternoon. It still looked dull even though I tried to perk up my look with a bit of blusher. It's also relatively less lasting than Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB Cream (see review HERE). 

Frankly, I will only recommend this BB cream for oily, acne-prone or blemished areas. For me, I only use it on my T-zone and pat a bit of it over my pimples. But if it's not for the oil and blemish control, I'd recommend Air Skin Fit for the entire face. 


  1. have you tried the Innisfree jeju bija anti-trouble spot essence W or Innisfree]jeju bija anti-trouble spot essence R? If so what do you think about it (which one would be better to purchase?)

  2. Yes, I'm using their spot essences lately and they're doing a great job. But of course, since it's made of natural ingredients instead of strong chemicals, the healing process won't happen like overnight. I'm writing a more detailed review on them, but for a concise one, you can refer to http://beautyresearcher.blogspot.hk/2013/06/skincare-review-my-faves-for-hot-humid.html

    Thanks for reading! ;)

  3. Btw, I'd recommend using the two essences together. But if you're only considering to get one of them, Essence R will give you more obvious results.


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