Monday, January 16, 2012

Eye Care Review: Elemis Absolute Eye Serum

I'm very delighted about my experience with Elemis Absolute Eye Serum. I know it's nothing new, but I reckon it does deserve at least one more round of applause online - by me! *Bravo!

I have been using it for months and there is apparent improvement in the suppleness of my under eyes area, even in the midst of dry seasons. Like I said in my previous review on the Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential serum (see review HERE), I prefer this one over its (equally) luxury rival. It is easily absorbed, leaving your under eyes with zero stickiness. So it won't clump or melt your under eye concealer and powder. Although the serum vanishes upon application, it works! I realize my fine lines under eyes are plumped and erased to a large and visible extent. The only thing is, while I make it sound like an anti-wrinkle eye serum, it's actually meant to combat against dark circles. In this regard, I haven't observed any visible with most, if not all, of the eye serums I'd used. For dark circles, I believe the best antidote is sleep, sleep at the right time with the right duration of time. I know it's difficult, if it's ever possible for you (and me!).

A good news before I go - I only need at most a drop for my under eyes at each go. I never think my eyes are small and I've always found it dehydrated for my age (I'm 30...Shhhh!). Neither can I imagine how I can ever drench my under eyes with two drops of the serum as instructed. That said, it's not as costly as it seems. *Hurray!*  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eye Care Review: Christian Dior Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential Eye Zone Boosting Super Serum

Despite my love for Dior Beaute and Dior fragrances, this Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential Super Serum is a déception totale to me. I used it for 14 days. No visible improvement of the fine lines under eyes. Believe it or not, although not an anti-wrinkle formula, Elemis Absolute Eye Serum has actually done a better job in ironing out my fine lines. Hmm, perhaps I'm supposed to use this Super Serum for a longer period of time. But at the very least, it's not as superb a serum as it's named. You may have a splendid experience with this Capture Totale Super Serum if you've used it for...say a month...or two...??? Do let me know then.

Sensation-wise, I don't quite like it either. It carries the fragrance of...Dior Forever and Ever, I think...which I personally dislike both as a body fragrance and in any of my skincare products. As with many anti-aging products, there was this short period of tightening sensation after application, which delighted me for a while. But the serum seemed to form a transparent film over my under eyes which came off when I applied my foundation - this is a minor yet annoying issue. Hmm, of course, one possible reason is that the particles of my foundation are too large to blend harmoniously with those of the eye serum. I don't know, but this product has been added to my list of dislikes. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Foundation Review: Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Smoothing Firming Foundation SPF20+++

Happy New Year!!! I know this greeting comes ridiculously late, but I have been struggling with several deadlines...Anyway, hope all our New Year's resolution(s) can be achieved this year!!! *cough*

To kickstart the new year, I tested out a firming foundation for the first time ever. I have never tried any firming foundation before and neither do I see any practical need to add one to my makeup kit...not yet, not yet...but I still did test out a sample sachet of Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Smoothing Firming Foundation in 04. How is it going to lift my face? Will it 'erase' my fine laugh lines? And the big question is, how different is it from the rest?

The fluid formula has a consistency that is slightly thicker than NARS Sheer Glow (see review HERE) and GA Lasting Silk UV, but definitely thinner than MAC Studio Fix Fluid (which I truly dislike despite its popularity). As a matter of fact, it doesn't play any magic, but it's still a pretty good foundation if you are not looking forward to a face lift. Like GA Lasting Silk UV, this one glided on effortlessly with a sheer natural finish and it survived (at least) 8 hours in wintry weather. It gave this blurring effect that 'smudge' your blemishes and fine lines without layering. The only thing is, I would expect the formula to be more moisturizing than it is since it targets mature skin. Even I have to layer moisturizer underneath. In this regard, I personally think Diorskin Forever (see review HERE) is a better option if you want a 'second-skin' foundation that is more skin-pampering.   
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