Thursday, June 13, 2013

Makeup Review: Chanel Mat Lumiere Perfection vs. Mat Lumiere Extreme

For at least the past one year, I have been using Chanel Vitalumiere Éclat to finish my makeup and for mid-day touchups. It worked wonders, BUT...somehow my T-zone has become oilier than ever no matter how I tried to hydrate it...not to mention the irritating humidity of over 90% and 30 deg C on most days skin, especially my T-zone feels really disgusting in the afternoon. Just the other day, a friend of mine who has very oily skin recommended me to use Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme. Her recommendation was definitely convincing as it's really the first time I saw her with normal-looking matte skin (sorry...but really!). The Chanel SR however stressed that Extreme is meant for acne-prone and very oily skin, and not so much for combination-dry skin like mine. She suggested the newly-launched Mat Lumiere Perfection which offers both oil-control and hydration, which sounded perfect for combination skin! Yes, I said sounded perfect...the fact is close to perfection. The purchase was a total regret and I went to another Chanel branch to buy Mat Lumiere Extreme right on the next day - grrrr what a waste of money!

What's wrong with Perfection? While the official description says:

MAT LUMIÈRE PERFECTION is the ideal balance between a matte finish, comfort and luminosity. Shiny areas are matified, imperfections instantly covered and the radiance of the face revealed. The silica coated pigments give the complexion a flawless matte finish with a soft glow from within.
Skin stays fresh and pure all day long, even in heat, humidity and during non-stop activity, thanks to a combination of powders controlling sebum and sweat.
The silky lightweight texture gives a second skin feeling and a delightful sensation of moisture. From morning to night, the complexion is perfect: velvety, even, radiant.

its beautiful velvety finish only lasted 30 minutes on my face! Absolute disappointment. In fact, it became so super sticky and I was pretty sure I didn't even get this disgusting stickiness from Vitalumiere Éclat! 

In contrast, if you're looking for an oil-balancing compact, Extreme could be a fabulous choice. It's become my holy grail item now! The description says:

Enriched with vegetal lipides and Lilium extract, MAT LUMIÈRE EXTRÊME mattifies the complexion with lasting results: sebum production is perfectly controlled and the appearance of pores is minimized. Coated powders and treated pigments ensure optimum makeup and colour hold all day long. With its SPF 20 / PA+++, it protects the skin from damaging UV rays. The soft focus pigments allow MAT LUMIÈRE EXTRÊME to conceal dark spots and imperfections while offering a luminous and even makeup result. Peach Extract, renowned for its moisturizing and emollient properties, offers the skin an excellent sensation of comfort.    

That's truly what it does! The super natural-looking finish can survive the entire summer day with no patches, no streaks, everything's brilliant! On a normal working day, my makeup has to pull through at least 12 hours, from 7ish in the morning to at least 7ish in the evening by the time I reach home after work...and that's if I'm not dining out. With Extreme, I only need to touch up once or twice just around my nose area. If I happen to be really lazy that day, I only blot my nose area with tissue and I'll still look fine with a natural glow. Please don't get me wrong! Its oil controling power is absolutely the best among the compacts or foundations that I've ever used. Can't love it more!  

Why I love Mat Lumiere Extreme? 
- Excellent for oil control
- Long-lasting
- Natural-looking

Anything I dislike?
- The sponge that comes with it, which is simply a personal preference. I like using the brush that comes with Vitalumiere Éclat. It makes touchups a breeze when I'm on the go!

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