Friday, June 21, 2013

Indulgence in Korean cosmetics: Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB Cream vs.Face Shop Face it Aura CC Cream

Oh my goodness! I have been in this almost-fatal addiction over Korean beauty products since my trip to Seoul in April. Somehow I just can't stop doing online and physical search of products from the popular names like Innisfree, Banila, The Face Shop and Nature Republic. I even have this deadly tendency to browse through online shops to reward myself for reading or writing a few paragraphs...And yes, I have new items to try out practically every single week...that's not good!...Oh dear...what a s***ty researcher I have become...!!!

One of the beloved items in my haul lately is this Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB Cream (#2 Natural Beige/Light Touch). Erm, I didn't purchase its full size with an empty head. It's really the samplers I got in Seoul that pushed me to buy it (I'm beginning to hate samplers - sinful marketing innovation!). If you have read my previous post, I also bought The Face Shop Aura CC Cream (see review HERE), which I loved. This adventure into Korean cosmetics is simply amazing. I seem to be discovering wonders after wonders as I try out the different products I bought. If I were to compare between the two, I will definitely give more ticks to this Innisfree BB Cream though the Face Shop CC Cream is really pretty good. 

As with all CC Cream, the Face Shop CC Cream does feel significantly sheerer. In fact, I was amazed by how little of it I need for the entire face if I want the finish to remain natural-looking. But for a BB Cream, Innisfree Air Skin Fit feels just as airy as it's named. It feels...nothing! And it's very buildable - great over blemishes.  What's more, I like its non-sticky, matte finish. I actually love how it looks before setting with powder (I'm using Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme - see review HERE). If where you live is dry, I would highly recommend you do without any loose powder over it. 

What I like most about this Innisfree Air Skin Fit is that it gives my skin just the right amount of perk-up and it lasts the entire day! It brightens my complexion by like half a degree, in other words, fairer yet natural-looking. It blends beautifully into my skin, literally becoming my a second skin. I know it sounds a bit crappy, but I still have to say that the Innisfree Air Skin Fit gives a significantly better coverage compared with the Face Shop CC Cream. The best part is, even till the end of my working day (after dinner), my complexion is still appropriately brightened without a tinge of ashy or grayish tone. In fact, if I don't bother to touch up at all, which I usually do once or at most twice a day, it will just melt into my skin with a radiant glow. Perfect for concealing my haggardness...erm...

The only thing is the packaging, or I don't know if I'm simply being too lucky to end up with a tube that's a bit leaky. Not that the BB cream really leaks out and stains my stuff, but there's always a bit around the opening when I remove the cap. So that said, I've never carried it out and I may double-wrap this particular tube if I really wanna travel with it. But this is really my one and only complaint about Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB Cream.

- Sheer texture
- Natural, matte finish
- Long-lasting
- Great for combination skin
- Doesn't turn ashy or grayish
- Brightening
- Highly buildable
- Gives a healthy radiant glow after long hours with the brightening effect intact

- Insecure packaging (at least for the one I got)

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