Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Essence of Korean Beauty: Sulwhasoo First Care Serum

I begin to look forward to my facial wash every morning and evening because of Sulwhasoo First Care Serum. My skin texture has visibly improved - softer, more refined and more radiant in the morning - after using it for a month. It really feels like it's restoring my skin texture from inside out.

For best results, there are two tricks you should take note of. 

1. Unlike all the other serums, they actually advise you to use it right after your facial wash (yes, it isn't a toner!) if you don't apply your toner with cotton pads. But you do, you should then use it after toning your skin as per normal. The rule of the thumb: Don't wipe it off! 

2. Another trick is to rub two pumps of the serum at the center of your palms before wiping it in upward and outward motions over your face. This will warm up the serum and promote absorption.

The serum looks like maple syrup and smells herbal since it's made of Korean medicinal herbs. The scent won't linger around after application, so no worries. Unlike many other Sulwhasoo products, it won't be too moisturizing for younger skin. Although it does hydrate your skin, its major function is to regulate your skin and promote the absorption, and therefore the effects, of the beauty products you use in your skincare regime. In the spring/summer months, you may consider whether you want to top it up with another hydrating serum, but you will definitely need to do so in the fall/winter months. The serum can seep into your skin in a flash and the difference it makes will be noticeable in days.

Price-wise, it's may look pricey at the first glance - HKD600 (USD77) for 60ml - and for your information, it's almost half the price in Korea! But if you are already using serums like Lancome Blanc Expert Melanolyser (HKD680/30ml - read about it HERE) or Shiseido White Lucent Spot Targeting Serum (HKD760/30ml - see review HERE), First Care Serum doesn't really burn a big hole in your wallet after all.

According to their sales representative, you may get some bumps or even pimples when you first begin using the serum as the ingredients help detoxify your skin. But your skin texture will significantly improve after that. To avoid another skin breakout, I began with one pump, not over the entire face, but only somewhere close to my jaws. I gradually move on to one and a half pump, then two, to allow more time for my skin to accept the formula. I'm very delighted so far. 


  1. You should try their clarify mask. It's great.If u live in the US, the company has launched an English website where you can buy their products and get free samples. They gave me a basic set, and like you I love the first care serum.

  2. Thanks for reading. Yes, I love their Skin Clarifying Mask too!...Though the color is rather unappealing. =p


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