Monday, February 20, 2012

Makeup Review: Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Makeup Base SPF35+++

Chanel UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily UV Care SPF50+++ (See my earlier review HERE) has been one of my favorite beauty items ever, but this is my very first time trying out her latest tinted sister, Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Makeup Base with SPF35+++ and it's just as fabulous!

It comes in the same silky emulsion texture and carries the same fragrance as UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily UV Care does. The weightless formula is infused with whitening and moisturizing ingredients which can maintain your skin's natural moisture balance while brightening and protecting your skin from the damaging UV rays. A tick for combination skin. It is very spreadable and it leaves my skin brightened. But in terms of hues, Rosee (pink) appears to be a bit too fair on my yellow skin undertone...still acceptable though. I believe it will be more suitable for Caucasians or Japanese and Koreans whose skin undertone is often closer to the pinkish end. I haven't tried Mimosa (yellow), but for the time being, I'd prefer the subtle pearly white hue (like Lys, the white one in the Le Blanc range) in UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily UV Care that can already pick me up at the right dose. Not to mention the better UV protections it provides. 

To conclude, if you don't already own a UV Essentiel Multi-Protection Daily UV Care, Le Blanc Makeup Base will be a good option for skin brightening and corrective purposes. It can also make a pretty good alternative to foundation if you don't need any significant coverage. I only dust Mac Blot Powder over it, followed by blush and lipgloss on my causal, relaxing evenings. I have to stress that it's absolutely weightless and I have always loved this gentle and soothing fragrance which reminds me of nothing but feathers and pillows.  


  1. hi there! ive been searching for reviews about the le blanc makeup base. do you think ? thanks!! pls reply bec im planning to buy this stuff. :D

    maybe we could follow each other as well in bloglovin and gfc? :)


  2. Hi Josele, think you might have bought Le Blanc Makeup Base by now...=p

    I'm a big fan of Chanel Beaute - high quality and my sensitive skin doesn't react to their products in the bad way. But with the heat and humidity these days, I'm trying out more Korean products for skincare and base which hopefully could be more heat- and sweat-resistant given our geographical proximity (HK and Korean)...vs. HK and France...I'm still very much into Chanel's foundation though..just reviewed two lately and more from Chanel Beaute are on their way! ;)

    Sure, will follow your blog ;)


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