Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Godsend Treatment: Vitamin E Oil for Hormonal Acne and Allergies

Hurray! I found it!!! For many many months, I have been suffering from hormonal breakouts around my mouth and chin area every single month as my period came close and whenever I'd eaten any hormone-laden food, like milk, beef and soy - all my faves...And when it hit, it went quite out of control. 

Prayers granted as I popped into a health food store near my place and came across this booth displaying natural vitamin E oil of different dosages. I bought the one that contains 32,000 IU of vitamin E, originally meant for eliminating stretch marks and scars. But hey, acne and allergies are in a sense inflammation, which could be remedied by the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and repairing properties of natural vitamin E oil. 

I layered the vitamin E oil generously over the affected areas and a little over the good areas, massaged it in and leave it on as a sleeping mask. Believe it or not, it worked wonders overnight! After washing it off the next morning, my skin was tamed, soft and supple. The best part is, the angry pimples are calmed, bumps subsided and I even thought the pimple scars shrank a bit as well! Since then, I repeat this routine every night to replace my facial moisturizer - the very last step. I would still highly recommend you to hydrate your skin as per normal before using the oil. After all, this last step is supposed to lock in the moisture of your well-hydrated skin. That said, I still treat my skin with toner, essence and hydration cream-gel before massaging in this oil. My hormonal acne is pretty much in control these days, with only mild acne which dries up significantly faster and the blemishes diminish significantly faster than ever before...erm alright, since my teenager years. 

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