Monday, May 30, 2011

A Quick Fix for Greasy Hair

Will you end up with greasy hair after hours of staying outdoor in summer? Have you ever got a visitor at your doorstep when you've just got up (or haven't even got up!)? What to do if you have to meet your friends or anybody important right after your workout, but somehow you can't access a bathroom?

To fix your embarrassingly greasy hair within seconds, all you need is some body powder! Simply dust a generous amount of body powder on your palm and rub it into your greasy scalp and hair, RUB! The powder will instantly absorb the excess oil just as it keeps your body feeling refreshed! I first came across this trick many years ago in the making of one of Sammi Cheng's concerts in her heyday. That's how she kept her hairdo fresh-looking through the nights. This old trick just saved me the other day! A friend of my mom suddenly came to our place when I'd just got out of bed and washed up (still yawning!). I quickly tied a ponytail, and de-greased my bangs with body powder, which at least made me look normal again!!! It's effective, cheap, and handy, why not? 

1 comment:

  1. This is what I do to my hair i use the 5th when im in a hurry


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