Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Makeup Review: Chanel Les Beiges All-in-one Healthy Glow Fluid

This Healthy Glow Fluid is a newer addition to my staple compartment. To me, it's a multi-functional formula which I can use as a standalone perk-me-up, a sheer base underneath powder, and an undereye concealer. It has great hydrating property and light to medium coverage. Texture-wise, it feels more like CC cream than the Chanel CC Cream which I really dislike (see review HERE). After the disappointment I got from Chanel CC Cream, I'm so super glad that they have this Healthy Glow Cream in store...! I love wearing it alone in dry, wintry season to give my skin a natural and supple finish. In our humid, sticky spring and summer over here, I still prefer getting back to my all-time fave, Chanel Le Blanc Compact Foundation (see review HERE) for a lighter yet lasting touch. But don't get me wrong, I actually use this Healthy Glow Cream on a daily basis all-year round these days - How? What I love most is to use it over my Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector (review coming up) to cover up my seasoned dark circles. I have to stress that the formula is very hydrating because it really is! In fact, I think it works on the undereye better than Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum CONCEALER - more buildable and lasting without settling into creases even after like 10 hours. Of course, if I only use it as a concealer, I can't imagine how many years it will take to empty the entire tube! With its multifunctionality and the amount of hydration it brings, it deserves going into your shopping bag.

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