Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stay-Put Makeup for a Day of Sunshine

I went on a boat trip at Sai Kung after days of hard work and a long morning. To ensure that my colleagues would see a normal-looking me throughout the whole-day social events, I had to be very cautious with the choice of beauty items! Here are what I picked from my makeup compartment:

1. A reliable sunscreen

Never try to skip your sunscreen thinking that your lotion or foundation already provides UV protection. In most cases, the SPF in lotions is not high enough to last through the day and don't forget your foundation will more or less melt or crack after long hours of staying under the blazing sun. So do spare one more minute to apply a good sunscreen under your makeup to top up the UV protection you get. My all-time favorite, as you may already know, is Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 50+++ (HERE and HERE). Topped up with the multi-functional licorice extracts, It brightens, nourishes, and protects your skin round the clock!

2. Sheer and lasting complexion
No matter how good your foundation is, it's will melt in the sizzling hot weather! The point is use one that melts and blends naturally into your skin without causing any embarrassment. My pick is Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Compact with SPF 34+++ (HERE). It's so far the sheerest compact I've ever used. It literally gives the second-skin kind of natural finish. Plus it's pretty much sweat-proof, of course provided that you dab rather than wipe your skin dry! I usually use blotting papers to get rid of the excess oil, touch up my nose bridge, the side of my nose and my jawline with the sponge that came along with the compact, and I will look fresh and picked-up again! 

3. Oil blotting paper

Honestly, I haven't deliberately compared the quality of different oil blotting paper. I tried Shiseido's, but it didn't seem to outperform the cheaper alternatives in any ways. The one that I have always got back to is Gatsby's. I find it super duper oil-thirsty...not excessively though. Perhaps its appetite for oil (my apology if you feel disgusted) owes to the brand's focus on the Men's skincare market. But anyway, it has never failed to leave my skin feeling fresh in a flash! It doesn't stick off my Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk either. Perfect for retouches!

4. Coral blush
Although Bobbi Brown says pink looks nice on all women, I do find coral more natural-looking, especially on a tired face. It also feels more summery than the sweet dolly pink. I still adore Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral (2). Oh, if you still prefer to go pink, I would recommend Pot Rouge in Powder Pink (6) for more natural beach makeup look. The texture is so spreadable, which makes it pretty fool-proof. The color is also very lasting. So no matter how haggard you are, you won't lose the natural flush! 

5. Plump and healthy pouts
If you are going to wear your sunglasses under the blazing glaring sun, it will be a good idea to draw the focus to your pouts. Personally, I don't think crimson red goes well with most Asian skin. For a lightweight and hydrating highlight, my pick for this summer is still Chanel Coco Shine in Aventure (57) (HERE). The better-than-natural-lips coral shade can definitely give you a flash the watery touch of Coco's simply irresistable!

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