Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Makeup Review: NARS Blush in New Order

New Order
Deep Throat

I wasn't really convinced by the loads of negative reviews on NARS latest blush in New Order until I finally tried it out at the counter the other day. It caught my attention when I was aimlessly flipping through this beauty magazine for a break. I thought the color is gorgeous and angelic even when I saw it at NARS counter. I thought this pretty lilac-colored blush with glitters looks practically like a purple version of Angelica (HERE). I was wrong! We all know that purple can moderate and brighten dull-looking skin, especially for Asian with yellow undertones. But this purplish blush simply disappeared on my cheeks, leaving nothing more than a bit of glitters. I shall say Angelica is like ten times more pigmented than New Order! Honestly, I don't think it did any degree of brightening or correction to my complexion...alright, the glitters perhaps...At the end of the trial session, I purchased a Deep Throat instead...=p

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