Monday, September 26, 2011

A Taste of the Korean Skincare Secrets: Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask

I have heard a lot about Sulwhasoo since their gift packs were presented to the first ladies as a souvenir in the G20 Seoul Summit 2010. It is also visible how the brand is gaining its popularity here in Hong Kong. I see more and more ladies, ranging from mothers to those in their mid-20s or early-30s, raving about their products. To quench my curiosity, I purchased their Skin Clarifying Mask to get a taste of luxury Korean skincare.

Sulwahsoo products feature the use of Korean medicinal herbs. And after testing out the Skin Clarifying Mask, I realize it's nothing gimmicky. It really works! Unlike many of the clarifying masks on my shelf, it doesn't rely on kaolin (clay) to remove the excess oil and impurities on my skin. It's a gel peel-off mask, with a consistency thicker than honey, that is produced using traditional methods for preparing Korean medicine. Because of its thick consistency, it's not as spreadable as Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, so I used more than I'd expected and that explains why it comes in a big 150ml tube. Honestly, I found the brownish gel a bit gross at the start...uhem, try to imagine it's honey or maple syrup...but look, it actually smells, it's honeyed ginger!

I could feel quite a strong pull on my face as it dried. After about 20 minutes, I could easily peel it off downward from my forehead as instructed. I found my complexion brighter and my pores more refined even in the next day. According to the Sulwhasoo Regime, it should be used after their Massage Cream and before any replenishing serums and moisturizers. I use it after Shiseido White Lucent Massage Cream and the Skin Clarifying Mask does a brilliant job in balancing and refining my skin after the facial massage. I reviewed Shiseido White Lucent Massage Cream (HERE) last month and I still adore it. I haven't used any sort of microdermabrasion since I began the Massage Cream a month ago. It's indeed a gentle alternative to skin exfoliants. My face is still smooth and clear. The outcome is even better when I pair it with this Sulwhasoo clarifying mask, which is noticeably more effective than Shiseido Revital Refining Mask (as is used in the Shiseido facial treatment session), and the price is more attractive too!  

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