Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Magical Makeup Experience: agnes b. BEAUTE Teint Osmose Unifying Foundation

The agnes b. BEAUTE pop-up store is launched these two months in France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan till Aug 30. Its temporary existence makes the whole experience fascinating to begin with. How ingenious! 

Last weekend, I finally managed to squeeze 15 minutes between my appointments to drop by the pop-up store right outside agnes b. La Loggia at IFC. I could feel a rush of adrenaline exploring the collection! I ended up with 7 items in my shopping bag - purchased Teint Osmose Unifying Foundation in Beige Light (01) (HKD275 or USD35), Eye Color Fix Fixing Eyeshadow Base (HKD159 or USD20), and Mono b. lush in Corail d'or (1098) (HKD175 or USD23), and was given samples of its 6-in-1 tinted cream (BB cream), Volume Up Curl mascara, and Fidelity Base Unifying Foundation Base. The 7th item was a canvas Agnes b. makeup bag which was given for free with purchase over HKD500 (USD64). On the whole, the products are marked at quite an attractive price range, especially considering the quality. I was actually very tempted to grab its eyeliner pencil (HKD99 or USD13)...I didn't, but I will! 

I have only started using Teint Osmose and Mono b. lush, and I particularly adore Teint Osmose in Beige Light (01). The award-winning foundation has added so much FUN to the boring application routine!!! The fluid foundation is white in color when you first squeeze it out of the tube, but upon rubbing, the amazing color'osmosis pigments will release a super duper natural skin color that blends perfectly with your skin tone. It feels a bit like fine microbeads when you first rub it in, but before you know, it turns into a sheer dewy layer of second skin. When I first used it in my bedroom lit by warm light, I could hardly see anything but an even complexion after application! The shade seems adaptable to a wide range of skin tones. For most makeup brands, my skin tone usually fits into the second or third shades down from the fairest. I was dubious when I first tested out Teint Osmose in 01...But yes, I can really use 01 this time round! In fact, the shade is hardly this matching! 

Teint Osmose in Beige Light (01) - Partially rubbed
The only thing is, it doesn't provide any other skincare benefits except the 24-hour hydration it vouched. My experience tells me they are not lying though. The continuous hydration does effectively control the excess oil secretion at my T-zone all day long. It's one of the most lasting and sheer foundations I have ever worn. Great for combination skin.

One final word of caution, the dewy finish does make it easier to stain your clothes when you are least cautious...like I accidentally did so to my boyfriend's shirt the other day...again, it was an accident...oops!

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