Friday, October 14, 2011

A Budgety Rescue Remedy to Desensitize and Restore Your Skin

If you ever bother to read the ingredient list of your beauty products, you should have noticed that glycerin or glycerol always appears as one of the first ingredients. But what exactly is glycerin? Glycerin is a thick sweet-tasting liquid derived from animal fats or sugar. When diluted with water, it works wonder for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin...oh, cracked lips too! While some people are allergic to natural essential oils, glycerin can actually soothe such allergic reactions and strengthen your skin's natural barrier by restoring its moisture balance.
I once unknowingly applied something very wrong on my face for days and my skin became embarrasingly red and irritated. I spread a generous layer of glycerin over my face with damp hands, massaged a bit and left it overnight (it's water-soluble, so no worries about staining your pillowcase!). The result was amazing. The skin irritation was calmed and the redness had almost subsided completely the next morning. That's no exaggeration! I repeated the regime for a few nights and it worked like a magic potion, really. I could hang out with my head up on the third day! The entire rescue regime is chemical-free, gimmick-free and cheap. You can easily get a bottle of pure glycerin from the drugstore across the road at a very attractive price.
Apart from using it as an overnight mask, it's an excellent massaging agent when your skin is fatigue, irritated or dehydrated. Spread it over your face with damp hands, gently massage it in for 3-5 minutes in circular motion, and tissue off the excess. Unlike some massage creams in the market (including those of luxury brands), glycerin leaves your skin soft and supple with zero stickiness and skin irritation. Over time, it builds up your skin's natural defense mechanism, making it healthier and less vulnerable to climatic changes and allergens...Of course, that's given that you are diligent with the regime. Oh by the way, since it's multi-purpose like a much cheaper version of Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, I enjoy rubbing the excess on my hands and hair ends. So to speak, no wastage at all. What better deal do you want?

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