Monday, October 24, 2011

Makeup Review: Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 15

I have actually purchased Laura Mercier Pressed Powder a long while ago, but the review has been sitting in my Draft folder as I constantly get overwhelmed by other beauty products...I personally think that wearing mineral makeup requires a quite a bit of adjustment if you are experienced with using 'normal' makeup products. The major difference I notice between mineral foundation and the regular ones is, you need very little mineral foundation to create the same makeup look you do with your regular foundation. While the mineral option could be wallet-friendlier in this sense, I will actually advise novice users of mineral makeup products to test out the items before they really wear it for a dinner or date. Another thing to note is, if you are switching to mineral makeup because of your sensitive skin, it's best if you can go for a makeup trial session before your purchase since some ingredients in mineral products, such as bismuth and mica, may also cause skin irritation (read more about mineral makeup and skin irritations by WebMD HERE).

One of the popular brands you may begin with is Laura Mercier. I realize their Mineral Pressed Powder has won quite some attention and applause online. Like most other mineral foundations, the finely-milled powder is very pigmented and it glides on effortlessly. It gives a refined, velvety finish with your pores swiped out in a flash. One important tip for choosing the shade - Always go one or two shades darker! Mineral foundations usually look much lighter on your skin. While my complexion lies somewhere between Porcelain and Nude for Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, the Mineral Pressed powder in Real Sand is way too fair for me (though recommended by the LM makeup artist...). So makeup trial is utterly important!!!

Despite the above rather positive comments, I don't like it! The downside of LM Mineral Pressed Powder is that it's not as water-resistant and lasting as it vouches. Here, I'm not so greedy as to talking about swimming with my makeup on, but simply a hangout on a sunny day. For me, it melted after like 3 hours, leaving patches after dapping dry my skin. The powder also settled into my laugh lines, very badly...a nightmare indeed...I also tried using it on very-moisturized skin, but apparently it didn't work for me either. I have combination skin and I'm 30. It's of course possible that the powder may last longer on normal or younger skin. So again, makeup trial!!!

Although Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (HERE) has been a staple item in my makeup kit, I kinda regret purchasing their Mineral Pressed Powder. To reduce wastage, I brush it on my neck from time to time when the weather is hot and my naked neck may end up looking darker than my well-groomed face.

My verdict - If you are fine with regular makeup products, I still find Diorskin Forever the best (see my review HERE)!

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