Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eye Care Review: Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extrema Youth Memory Eye Serum

I have just tested out this sample of Giorgio Armani Youth Memory Eye Serum which managed to survive 5 days and nights. The eye serum feels more nourishing than Elemis Absolute Eye Serum perhaps since it targets mature skin...uhem, but like I mentioned in my previous review, I don't find Dior Eyes Essential (see review HERE) nourishing at all. So I suppose the correlation between anti-aging products and extra nourishment is not always valid. Anywayz, I personally think the name of this GA eye serum sounds like one of those advanced products appears in the worlds of Star Wars and AI. Unfortunately, I haven't used it long enough to experience the groundbreaking technology and I can only tell you what I gathered from the 5-day trial.

I quite like the texture of this serum as it feels...thick and feels like spreading lip gloss over my under eyes...why will I ever spread lip gloss over my under eyes?!!!...anywayz, I felt like my under eyes are protected by an invisible shield! And despite its lip-gloss-like texture, the serum will be absorbed completely after a short while, leaving not even a tinge of stickiness. To find out how this serum fares, I tried doing with and without the serum under my Elemis Pro-Intense Eye and Lip Contour Cream (see review HERE) and the difference is pretty obvious judging from the state of my undereye concealer at the end of the day. The serum kept my under eyes quite plump throughout the day, with my concealer pretty perfectly in place. Doing without the serum and any eye serum would leave my under eyes dehydrated and the concealer a bit clumpy (as expected). Of course you may argue that I probably just need to wear an eye serum, any eye serum, underneath my eye cream to make the concealer stay put. Trust me, NO! I'd used serums that did practically nothing to my dehydrated under eyes. So although I can't deny that this is not the only serum that works on me, my mini experiment can at least show that it is doing something commendable.  

You're welcome to fill me in with how it works on you if you're on a full size. Cheers!

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