Monday, April 25, 2011

UV Fighters I: Chanel UV Essentiel Multi-protection Daily UV Care

I walked under the blazing sun for 20 days in Paris last summer, but my face remained fair (if not fairer) after the trip. Thanks to Chanel UV Essentiel Multi-protection Daily UV Care SPF 50/PA+++! Being born and bred in sub-tropical and tropical regions, it's honestly my first time experiencing a dry summer. I could actually feel the fragility of my severely dehydrated skin and rashes surfaced on the second day of my stay. I thrived through the 20 days without a single touch of makeup, no brightening mask, no exfoliating mask, but only Bioderma Hydrabio Mask (review in preparation) and Chanel Multi-protection Daily UV Care.

The latter is a very gentle, yet protective and nourishing sunscreen. Look, I wore it over my rashes! It contains vitamin E and Licorice Extract, both effective healing and antioxidant agents. Although the description says it's oil-free, it does leave a comfortable film of moisture on my skin. I can literally feel the protection it provides. Besides, the thin consistency makes a little go a long way! It may be more pricey than other sunscreens, but trust me, the seemingly small white bottle can last a long long time! Apart from locking moisture in my skin, it also brightens my complexion while providing a broad spectrum of both UVA and UVB protections (SPF 50/PA+++). A good deal, no?!

This is the first of my UV Fighters series...six other are on their way! *wink*

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