Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skincare Review: Laneige Water Bank Essence

I have been relying on Laneige Water Bank Essence to quench my skin this entire winter and it has become a staple item by now. For those of you who are new to Laneige, it's a younger skincare and cosmetics brand under Amore Pacific, the group that Sulwhasoo belongs to...something like the relationship of Clinique and Estee Lauder...My first great experience with this essence was actually last summer when I was flying over to Paris. My skin was literally cracking out of dehydration. I was sooooo glad that I'd slipped a sample sachet of Water Bank Essence into my handbag - it's super duper skin-quenching! The lightweight gel seeped into my skin and the unbearable tightness was soothed almost instantly, leaving my skin as soft and 'lively' as it is in normal days! I felt great for rest of the long-haul journey, but somehow I forgot all about this essence until the dry seasons set in late last year.

I finally purchased it in full size. I need one and a half pump on dry days and only one pump on humid days. What I like most about it is that it quenches my skin very well, and I really mean very well, without adding a tinge of oil to my skin. I feel like my skin is literally plumped with water - bouncy, soft and smooth. It's a splendid hydration product to use after your toner (which slightly rehydrates your skin...and tightens pores perhaps) and before your moisturizer (which locks in moisture). As a matter of fact, the belief that toners can rehydrate your skin sufficiently is wrong, neither can moisturizers do so. Moisturizers moisturize your skin and lock the aqua in - they don't do hydration! It's almost like the layer of oil floating on chicken's not the chicken soup itself...uhem, doesn't sound like a good analogy, but you get what I mean...Another thing is, our pores are like stomata cells, they tighten when enough aqua is available - that's when your skin looks silky smooth and flawless! Water Bank Essence helps you achieve in this regard. Plus, the price tag is very inviting!

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