Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clinique for younger skin (Part I)

Before the change of skin condition last summer, I was practically a die-hard fan of Clinique (well I did and still do use a couple of products from Shiseido). But as I said in the previous entry, almost the entire collection didn't work all of a sudden. It must be AGE! 

Like many other Clinique users, I used Clarifying Lotion 2 (one of the Clinique items that I'm still using - it's a great exfoliator!), Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief for my cheeks, Anti-blemish Moisturizer for my T-zone, All About Eyes Rich and I topped up with their Antioxidant Night Moisturizer at night. I also used and am still using their Turnaround Facial Mask once or twice a week (if I remember). The collection gave me flawless skin for...2 to 3 years...That's somewhere between early- and mid-twenties! 

Some people may find their Clarifying Lotion too dehydrating. The rule of thumb is, you don't always have to use it on your entire face. It really depends on the season. Here in Hong Kong, I will definitely go without it or any other toner in winter, when the relative humidity hovers around 20-60%. Over those dry days, I will only do a weekly facial scrub (with Turnaround Facial Mask), which is of course followed by a moisturizing mask. In summer, as I apply the toner with a cotton pad, I will first wipe the Clarifying Lotion on my T-zone, then my cheeks and other parts of my face. On certain days, I may only wipe it on my T-zone. If you can be selective in using it, it can be one of the best exfoliator in town! Another rule is, make sure you use a moisturizer after that!

Although the official Clinique website says that Moisture Surge can be used as a quick facial mask, it never worked for me. It's too greasy even for my relatively dry face. But the product was great if I used it in a smaller amount, just nice to cover a thin layer on my face (excluding my T-zone). The gel is very spreadable can be absorbed very easily. Plus, the aloe vera extract in the gel really gave my skin a soft hydrating finish. 

I love Turnaround Facial Mask because the grains are really fine and since you're supposed to scrub it while dapping a bit of water onto your face, it won't damage your skin, but give your skin a good gentle exfoliating massage. The pearly particles in the mask leaves a natural-looking glow on your face. Clinique advises you to use their Turnaround serum right after the mask. My skin felt really smooth, looked poreless and illuminated after using the mask (and the serum). But other than the smoothness, I personally don't think there's anything special with the serum. You can happily use other serums which provide more beauty benefits. Again, the usual moisturizing regime is a must after using this mask!

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