Friday, March 25, 2011

Prepping your lips

My lips have been very dehydrated, well in fact my cheeks are the only pretty-good pieces of skin I have, and they've given lots of people a false impression of my actually-flawed skin! Anyway, to ensure that my lips can look moist and sheer the whole day, overnight prep is the first and most important step. Although lip scrubs (e.g. Fresh Sugar Lip polish) are available in the market, I'm trying to cut down on the unnecessary skincare expense and see if some cheaper alternatives can serve the same purpose.

Before bed...
All you need to prep your lips overnight is a thick lip balm that doesn't disappear in a minute since your lips will need continuous hydration through the night. I use Bioderma Atoderm Lip Balm for dry, chapped damaged lips, generously. As the product description says, it restores the chapped, dry lip mucous membrane, it really does! By now, you should've noticed that I'm a big fan of Bioderma, but my fondness comes with reasons! If you have dry lips like mine, your lips will most likely look horrible the next morning, with a pale white layer of skin surfaced. Now, (SCRUB) RUB IT OFF GENTLY!!! Make sure you've rubbed off all the surfaced dead skin. I always do the rubbing right after washing my face, when my lips are still damp and soft, to prevent cracking my lips. You can now finish off the morning routine with a thin layer of lip balm.

Before hanging out...
I had a hard time hunting for the right lipstick and lipgloss that won't leave me with chapped lips after a few hours. But this hunt should come after the one for a good lip balm that can be worn under lipsticks/gloss.

Mac Prep + Prime Lip is a good buy. It feels like a thin layer of silk. Unlike many normal lip balms, it won't make the color 'swim' on your lips. You will be able to glide your lipstick smoothly, evenly, and happily on your pouts.

A more luxurious choice is Chanel Hydramax + Active Lip Care. The tender layer of moisture wraps your lips comfortably and gives your lipstick a naturally smooth and glowy touch. The effect is very lasting - Love it!

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