Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rosy cheeks with powder blush

I always believe that the whole point of wearing makeup is to cover up your blemishes and make you look natural and radiant, like you've had eight hours of good quality sleep instead of four...or pumps up your sexiness!

A good blusher and/or illuminator is essential here. For rosy cheeks, using powder blush could be a good option, especially in a humid summer. It usually lasts longer than a cream blush, but very often, it's not as natural-looking as gel/cream blush. It may even make your face look dry sometimes. Anyway, I used to like the pastel colors of Shu Uemura's powder blush, but I've switched to Chanel's since last summer. This new color released last summer, Pink Cloud (No. 66), can be worn alone or under a more intense pink blush (e.g. Rose Tourbillon, No. 67) right at your apples to add a natural rosy tinge to your cheeks. You can start sweeping the blusher from the apples across your cheeks in a triangular manner, and generously, for better results. Personally, wearing it alone is enough to brighten my face. The texture is soft and silky. But if you are using Rose Tourbillon on top of Pink Cloud, make sure you just GENTLY dab it on your apples as the pigment is super fine and light!

I was recently told that NARS Angelika glides more smoothly on cheeks. Going to get it this week. Can't wait!

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