Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mac brushes 134 & 190

For many years, my fingers have been my only makeup tool. But after a recent makeup consultation, I bought Mac brushes no. 134 and 190 and would like to review them today. I have to confess that I've never really tried brushes of any other brands (alright, except for those small ones that came along with the blush or whatsoever cosmetic items), but I guess Mac should be one of those brands that people would usually consider getting brushes from.

In short, I've fallen in love with 134, can't seem to live without it these days! But I kind of regret getting 190. 

Mac Large Powder Brush - 134
The brush is made of super soft natural fibre, which feels perfect on your skin. It's large enough for you to gently sweep powder across your face to set the makeup. Well, isn't that what all powder brushes can do? Yes, but that's not the best part of this brush! What I love is the slimness of the brush and its tapered end, which make it easy for you to squeeze it when powdering smaller areas like the inner edges of your eyes and the sides of your nose. This ingenious design also helps prevent you from overdoing the blush and end up looking like a monkey. In other words, it's practically fool-proof! I use it to powder my face, under eye area, and neck, as well as to apply blush and highlighter. It's indeed a perfect cosmetic companion! The only drawback is that I can never understand the point of having such a long handle. The travel size will definitely suit me even better!

Mac Foundation Brush - 190
This purchase was highly recommended by this Mac makeup artist, but I personally find it quite useless. Using the brush seems more time-consuming and it doesn't blend the foundation in as well as my fingers do! The heat of our fingertips actually helps melting and spreading any extra foundation that's stuck in our pores or fine lines. And look, some professional makeup artists do also recommend using our fingers. They don't cost a penny, but it's flexible and effective enough to create a sheer look! I could've spent the money on the NARS Illuminizers that I bought shortly afterwards... 

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