Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Giorgio Armani Rouge D'armani vs. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine/Rouge Allure

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for Chanel makeup, especially their lipsticks and lip glosses, which are practically the only ones I use because my beauty experiments told me it's truly the most moisturizing lipsticks! Of course, the most moisturizing line in the entire Chanel lipstick collection is Rouge Allure. I can write an essay on why I adore Chanel lipsticks soso much, but hey, I'm supposed to show you a comparison between Chanel and Giorgio Armani lipsticks today! So let's get started!

You may already know that I'm one of my recent favorites are GA Lasting UV Silk Compact. This passion tempted me into giving GA Rouge D'armani a try! I can hardly remember my last time purchasing any lip color other than Chanel's. After a makeup consultation at the GA counter, I purchased Rouge D'armani in Beige 103.

The Pros:

Strictly speaking, it's a nude pink-beige that's like a more baby pink version of Coco Shine in Boy 54. The color subtly adds a bit of life to your natural lip tone and can definitely be worn as an everyday color. There's a tiny little bit of shimmer, but I shall say the finish is rather matt (which also adds to the nudeness), especially when I think of Chanel Coco Shine. 

The texture is very sheer. At a closer look in the mirror, the pigments look very evenly spread and velvety. Perhaps I'm too primed with the fashion & garment background of GA, their makeup products always remind me of a fine piece of silk, intricately and delicately woven, smooth and flawless. 

On a more surface level, I was and I am again thrilled by its sleek packaging. The gorgeous black-lacquered case is kinda ergonomics-friendly, impressively fitting for you to grip on! And don't forget the signature magnetic closure! It's a demonstration of exquisite craftsmanship rather than just a lipstick.

The Cons:

Besides the above pros, I however think that it's slightly less pigmented than Coco Shine, and definitely for Rouge Allure. It takes roughly 2-3 strokes of Rouge D'armani to give the same intensity of just one stroke of Rouge Allure. 

Another thing I don't really like that much is its hydration level. Rouge D'armani is supposed to be the most moisturizing range in GA's lipstick collection, but it still dries out my dehydrated-but-prepped lips. Coco Shines don't (not to mention Rouge Allures)! 

The verdict is, GA Rouge D'armani is a fantastic summer lipsticks if you're fortunate enough to have hydrated pouts. But for the 'unfortunate' me, my tick still goes to Chanel. 

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