Monday, July 25, 2011

A Discovery: The Secret of Chanel Le Vernis in Jade Rose (493)

I was looking for a gentle beige nail polish for my fingers. For your information, I'm a big fan of Chanel Le Vernis (though I have never reviewed nail polishes here) because of its variety of elegant shades and its impressive durability. I don't remember the polish chipping at all! And since the shades I wear are usually quite natural-looking, it still looks great even with a tiny bit of outgrowing. It can normally survive 5-7 days till my nails outgrow and look horrible.

With a burning urge, I popped into Chanel yesterday. Their classic Inattendu (503) has been my favorite color for toes, but I find it too dark for my fingers. So I tried Jade Rose (493) on my pinky yesterday. Tempted, but hesitant because it reminded me of Flamme Rose (87) which made my fingers look so grossly anaemic and the almost-untouched bottle has been sitting on my desk in solitude. It suddenly crossed my mind when I reached home that Flamme Rose could be good when mixed with other Inttendu! Bingle!!!

The discovery is, coating Flamme Rose over Inattendu will get me a nude-beige shade that looks almost identical to Jade Rose. The difference is in fact hardly noticeable to others. After all, the iridescent sheen in Jade Rose is not really visible on nails. Better still, I now also enjoy the unexpected  flexibility of adjusting the lightness of the shade with Flamme Rose. The new "Jade Rose" looks sophisticated. Great for a smart casual day. Finally, I am making good use of my purchase - Hooray! 

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