Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back to the Old-School Way: MAC Lightful Hydro-charged Moisturizer SPF 30++

Years ago when primer was not yet introduced to the beauty industry, the primer-equivalent item was moisturizer. If you think using a primer is a must for a flawless lasting look, the star makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, tells you...you're wrong! A good moisturizer works just as well as a primer, given that you've found the one that gives you the finish you like. If you are like me who detest stickiness and don't really fancy a dewy finish, MAC Lightful Hydro-charged Moisturizer is for you.

It's one of those moisturizers that can moisturize your face well enough to let your foundation stay put all day long. I tried using it as a day cream when I first purchased it months ago, but it doesn't seem hydrating enough to go into my daily skincare routine. In the hope of not leaving it idle (as it has been for months!), I tried using it as a makeup primer underneath my NARS Sheer Glow or Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Compact. It turns out to be an amazing discovery! 

Lightful Hydro-charged Moisturizer is very spreadable. Its lightweight texture easily seeps through my skin, leaving it soft, supple and matt enough for applying foundation over it. I also like the gentle soothing scent it carries. In terms of performance, it's in no way inferior to my MAC and NARS primers. I actually think it's formulated for makeup rather than skincare purpose. My makeup didn't move much after 6 hours, without any retouches. It's a brilliant 'makeup primer' for my troublesome combination skin.

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