Saturday, August 20, 2011

BB Cream Mania: Laneige Snow BB Cream SPF 41++

Oh gosh, I have delayed this post for soooooooooo looooooong! I have actually purchased Laneige Snow BB Cream shortly after its launch. I was attracted by the antioxidant effect, the texture, the price, and the aqua image of the brand.

The BB Cream comes in two shades, but it turned out that even the darker shade is too fair for me! As with many traditional or earlier generations of BB creams, the fairness is rather grayish, which unfortunately doesn't settle and blend into your natural complexion like what MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm does (review pending!). So I will only recommend this Laneige one to those with pink skin undertones and super fair complexion like the Korean girls we often see on TV dramas. 

But even so, I have to confess that I do like its texture. It's soufflĂ©-like, ultra sheer, and less sticky than Lancome UV Expert BB Base (HERE). For your information, I find it quite uncomfortable to wear Lancome UV Expert BB Base living in this 33-degree hot air. There's no way I can get rid of the stickiness with powder lately and I have decided to reserve it for autumn and winter. Back to this Laneige Snow BB Cream, yes, I love the texture. It literally feels like my second skin and my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (for reviews, see HERE and HERE) blends in perfectly. But again, it's too fair for my face and reduce wastage, I can only use it on my neck and chest on days that I find my face paler for any reasons. Oh, and one more thing, I also like the scent, which is actually identical to the pleasant floral scent of their Water Sleeping Pack. Will be fabulous if they can add some darker shades to the collection next year...!


  1. Have you tried the Laneige snow BB soothing cushion? I recently purchased it and found that it broke me out really badly. Also, no matter how much I blended it in, my face was still 2 shades fairer than my normal skin tone. Is this normal, am I doing something wrong?

  2. I haven't tried the latest BB soothing cushion. But the idea itself doesn't sound very hygienic to me. If we are recommended to wash our makeup sponges frequently, the cushion (which can't be washes) will very quickly become a breeding ground for germs. Perhaps that's partly why it broke your skin for the shade, Korean foundations or alike generally have fairer shades that are not that yellow-based. I suggest you apply only a skin-thin layer and finish with loose powder in dark shades. Using bronzers to "moderate" the shade probably won't be good as it will look too contrastive on your face! If you have yellow-based or darker complexion, go for Bobbi Brown or La Roche Posay next time ;)


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