Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Makes My Skin Smile: Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Massage Cream

I went for this promotional event by Shiseido last Tuesday which included a complimentary skin analysis and a 60-min facial session at this Conrad ballroom. My apologies for not taking any pictures as I was too busy relaxing...oops!

The session began with a skin analysis. And as expected of my combo skin, my cheeks were slightly dry. According to the results and my purchase record, I was prescribed with a range of White Lucent products plus a mask from their Revital line. 

What impressed me most was the White Lucent Brightening Massage Cream, which left my skin feeling so super soft and well-rested after the massage in the facial session, like it had just undergone a yoga session - relaxed and refreshed! The facial therapist suggested me to try using it for 7 days to speed up the cell renewal of my recently blemished skin.

I have used it for 5 days now and I can almost feel my skin metabolism being activated! Uhem, I may have exaggerated a bit here, but I'm truly happy with this purchase because I could see how it replenished my skin's moisture level after the very first application at home! I was surprised that my pores looked smaller and my face became more luminous...I could visualize my skin cells being hydrated like a stomata! What I also like is that it can be used on the delicate eye area and problem skin too.

Although my face massaging skill was not that professional, my face was warm after the 3- to 5-minute massage. I assumed it had really activated my blood circulation, and anywayz, my face was really brightened with more radiance after it's cooled down. The skincare products that followed could also seep through my skin more easily. The best was, I couldn't remember the last time I woke up with such radiant skin! What's more, this gigantic pimple that had just begun to dry out on the day of the facial session had completely dried and shrunk into a small dot after using the Massage Cream for 3 consecutive nights! That's almost the recovery speed I got when I was a teen (I hardly had any acne problem then)!

The relaxation, radiance and visible replenishment make the product an addictive one. The results are visible too. I haven't worn any foundation for the past 4 days and I can now hang out with great complexion using only my MAC Pre + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in purple (HERE) and a bit of concealer under eyes (currently using Diorskin Sculpt - HERE) - Hooray!

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