Saturday, April 30, 2011

My buddy at work: Clinique All About Eyes Serum

Back to work...yawn...Since a major part of my job is reading, I always keep a Clinique All About Eye Serum at my desk for a quick hydration and eye massage. The "medical grade stainless steel roller-ball allows a rolling motion during application which increases micro-circulation and helps reduce fluid." Frankly, although the official description claims that this roller-ball serum doesn't only help reduces puffy eyes, but also dark circles because of the increased micro-circulation, I can't really tell if it's reduced my seasoned dark circles. What I know for sure is, both the roller-ball and the serum are very cooling! It does soothes the heaviness on my entire eye area, which really keeps me going. Also, the serum disappears very quickly on my skin, providing an instant replenishment for my tired eyes...Oh by the way, it hydrates, but doesn't moisturize or lift your eye area! It's completely water-based, which makes it suitable for all skin types and provides the ease of using it as often as needed. I highly recommend this serum to all tired eyes!

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