Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review of the New Hybrid: Dior Diorskin Forever Compact Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF 25++

I'm given a sample set comprising of a radiant makeup base, a fluid foundation, and a compact foundation, all from the latest Fall/Winter 2011 collection of Dior Beaute. I have only tested out the compact foundation so far for several reasons that you may also like to consider when you are struggling with what to include in your beauty haul.

Firstly and honestly, I have been super lazy with my makeup lately as I'm rushing through the final stages of my research like a racing doggie. What's more, I personally find the UV protection offered by the makeup base (with SPF 20+) too low to withstand the invincible sunshine these days. And again, the horrible heat actually makes it easier for whatever you put on your face to clog your pores. The thought of wearing a primer, fluid foundation, and a powder finish seems to spurt up my body temperature! It's good to wear powder or compact foundation in sweltering weather as it is more likely to melt into a natural glowy finish that is not too sticky for your summer hangouts. Think I will save the makeup base and the fluid foundation for later when the weather gets cooler and more comfortable, hopefully toward the end of this month...Anywayz, so much of reasoning...

I am actually beginning to like Diorskin Forever Compact over my beloved Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Compact (see reviews HERE and HERE), which I know I have been raving about. It comes in 6 shades and what I received is in Light Beige (020). I apply it with my Lily Lolo kabuki brush (buy HERE with free worldwide delivery) and it's perfect in terms of both the shade and finish. Like GA Lasting Silk, the shade blends perfectly with my natural complexion, and the texture is so sheer that it really gives the second-skin effect that it vouches. It's almost indistinguishable whether I'm wearing any makeup and I just look brightened! 

But what Diorskin Forever really outshines GA Lasting Silk are its coverage and its amazingly lasting quality. Although sheer, it provides a noticeably better coverage than GA Lasting Silk. If the latter gives me an even-toned, no-makeup complexion, Diorskin Forever gives me an even-toned, no-makeup-but-better complexion. A porcelain yet natural-looking finish. The best part is, the skincare serum infiltrated in the compact foundation seems to be really effective in maintaining the water-oil balance of my skin. Great for combination skin. It manages to stay put for 9 hours (that's the longest I have tried...may last even longer...) with only occasional oil-blotting around the T-zone. No patches, no streaks, no sliding - Hurray! 

It's truly a brilliant hybrid of makeup and skincare. It feels nothing, but looks perfect. I will definitely purchase the compact after finishing this generous sample palette. Oh for your information, the compact is quite pigmented. All I need is a few light strokes over my face and this little will go a long long long way. Over here, it's sold at HKD 440 (USD 56.50) and it's worth every penny.

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