Wednesday, June 22, 2011

L'occitane's New Attempt: Pivione Flora Lipstick with Swatches

I have always been a fan of L'occitane's skincare and bodycare collections. I love the way their Honey Comfort Mask and Amande Delicious Paste pamper both my skin and my olfactory nerves. With the same passion, I tested out their new Pivoine Flora lipstick in Rose Pique (02) with great passion.

The texture is quite sheer and it feels rather matt to me, without the watery sensation of many newly launched lipsticks, like Coco Shine. I shall say it's more like the kind of lipstick that we've all been familiar with for decades, plus a modern touch of sheerness. Color-wise, never judge a book by its cover! It's so much more wearable than it looks, or rather, it is very wearable. As you can hopefully see from my rubbish photo below, this pink-coral shade is somewhere between Coco Shine in Liberte (44) and Aventure (57)...hmm, closer to Liberte. The relatively intense texture of Pivoine Flora makes the color richer and more lasting than Coco Shine. Did I say it feels matt? Yes, but don't get me wrong - it doesn't look matt! The color is uplifted by some sheeny glitters which is supposed to play magic under the blazing sun. I however find it too sparkly (which is not visible on my rubbish photo, my apology). Coco Shine only shimmers, but Pivione Flora sparkles! It's great if you want more public attention to your sexy pouts.

From top: Coco Shine in Liberte (44), Pivione Flora in Rose Pique (02), Coco Shine in Aventure (57)

A few words of caution...

Pivione Flora is definitely not as moisturizing as it (or the sales representative) vouches. Make sure your lips are well balmed! It's also very personal whether or not you are contented with the peony fragrance it carries. Sniff it hard and don't be fooled by the custom fragrance of the shop itself! Last of all, I find the lighting of the shop (at least those that I've been to) too dim and yellowish to accurately see the color and the sparkles. If possible, move to a white light area to see the color properly before you make your purchase.

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